Places of Interest

The District possessed few spots that are considered crucial for the expeditors and tourists. All these places posses the potentiality for entering the tourist map through efforts to improve their conditions.

Umhang Lake

Located at Bataw village, at a distance of 29 kms from the District Head Quarter, it is a largest natural lake in Jaintia Hills. Bataw village is connected by all season road by travelling through Rymbai Village southward. According to legends, one old lady, a cattle bearer from Watea (Bataw) village belonged to Suchiang clan, owing to scorching heat, she was thirsty and in search of water. She scratched (kboh) the earth for water and suddenly a spring of water swell out on the air (hang ne her ha suiñ) like a fountain. Instantaneously a large quantity of water streamed there at the place and thus the lake was formed. The old lady who scratched for water disappeared in the lake as she bent herself to reach for the water to fill her thirst. Umhang is a coined word of two different words – “Um” in pnar dialect means “water”, “Hang” means “on the air” (her ha suiñ).

Lukha River and Lukha Bridge at Sonapur

Lukha river and Lukha Bridge is located at a distance of 40 kilometers from Khliehriat. The river is beautifully bounded by beautiful mountains and landscapes on both sides as it is flowing downwards to Bangladesh. Lukha Bridge, is the longest bridge in the district. It is a concrete arc bridge with support only at the edges. It is the main bridge connecting the state with the eastern part of Assam.

Borghat Temple

Borghat Temple is lying in the centre of Borghat Village(Shilliangpusi), which is located as a distance of 49 kms from Khliehriat and just a few kilometers away from Bataw Village. The temple is made of bricks surrounded by humble plain brick wall exists till today near the “Borkhat Palace” as a neglected monument. It has unique beautiful carvings on it. U Bor Kuseiñ, the Jaintia ruler came under the influence of Hinduism and was the first rulers to embraced Hinduism and hence he built the Borkhat Temple for worshiping. It is primarily a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. In olden days, the Jaintia kings performed animal sacrifices in the temple.

Rynji Falls

Rynji Falls located in the western part of the District bordering West Jaintia Hills District is located in a less accessible part of area which can be reached via a few hours walk from the nearest road. This mighty looking waterfall runs along a path of rocky terrain which renders it quite unique with its dangerous-looking yet mesmerising appeal.

Tisang River

Tisang River can be approached from the village of Borghat which is about 50 kms from the district headquarter, Khliehriat. This beautiful and scenic river is surrounded by forests and villages along its path and it is a hot spot for river-side camping for the adventurous few.



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