Fishery Department

Department Name: Fishery Department

Department Address: O/o the Superintendent of Fisheries East Jaintia Hills District, Khliehriat


Organization Chart

Organization Chart Fisheries

About the Department

The Fishery Department, East Jaintia Hills is headed by the Superintendent of Fisheries and is responsible for implementation of scheme sanctioned of by the Government also responsible for implementation of scheme sanctioned of by the Government also responsible for administration, implementation and supervision of various development activities in the District.

The Fishery Officer is responsible for all development activities to assist the Superintendent of Fisheries of the District.

The Fishery Supervisor is in charge of region under the District Officer.

The Fishery Demonstrator is the grass root field level technical staff at block level who are inc=volved with the public in matter relating to fisheries activities.

Ministerial Staff are responsible for the establishment issue and receipt, correspondence typing diaries etc.

Programme Manager of the Fish Farmer Development Agency (FFDA) assist the District Executive Officer (Superintendent of Fisheries and Fishery Officer in the process of implementation of the mission).

The Data Entry Operator is responsible for data collection.

The Multiple Service Provider provides for various door-step delivery services to fish farmer.


  1. Mini Mission – I: Area and Productivity Expansion – Under this programme infrastructure farmers having at least 0.1 Ha. or 100 sqm. Will be provided financial support for construction of fish ponds. This programme is very crucial because it has implications not only on production enhancement but also for poverty alleviation, employment generation and provision of nutritional security.
    • SPA-I, 2010-11.
    • Value Chain Management, 2010-11.
    • RKVY Corpus Fund, 2011-12.
    • SPA-II, 2012-13.
    • RKVY-2013-14.
    • RKVY-2014-15.
    • IBDLP-2014-15.
    • Community Fisheries 2013-14 & 2014-15 (NMPS)
  2. Mini Mission – II: Critical Infrastructure Development – This programme addresses the names of Fish Seeds and Feed Components. Under this programme financial support is given to potential farmers to set up Hatcheries and Feed Mill.
    • FRP Hatchery (1 no.)
  3. Mini Mission – III: Establishment of Fish Sanctuaries – This programme is meant for consideration and protection of the indigenous species. Under this programme potential sites in rivers and streams is declared as Fish Sanctuaries.
  4. Mini Mission – IV: Capacity Building – This is the most important programme which is meant to develop the Capacity of the stakeholders and farmers and to build up the awareness on the opportunities available through fishery activities.
  5. Mini Mission – V: Mass Media Campaign – This programme is to highlight the achievement of the Department in various programmes.
  6. Mini Mission – VI: Emerging Opportunity – This programme addresses all the opportunity that are available under the fishery sector.