Culture & Festivals

Jaintia people are rich in their cultural heritage. Their culture reflects the traditions, music, dances, art and crafts of Jaintia tribe. The tribe is famous for artistic weaving, wood-carving and cane and bamboo work. These are also the main crafts of the tribe. They are also famous for weaving of carpet and silk and the making of musical instruments, jewellery and pineapple fiber articles.

Food Habits

The people of the district live a simple life. Rice is the main food of the people. They also eat meat and different kind of vegetables collected from forests like mushroom, tyrki, bamboo shoot, wild ferns, noop, etc besides regular vegetables available in the markets.


Dresses of the people include ryndia stem, thoh saru, khyrwang, sapjat, kein shrooh/kyrshah, etc. for the ladies and iuslein pyniein, iuspong, ryndia tlem, etc. for men. Ornaments include paila, khoila (earing), khadu (bracelets),etc. are worn by women and also by men during festivals.


The people of this district are fond of music. Through music, the Pnar people expressed their praise for the rivers, hills, valley, land, etc. Traditional musical instruments include ramynthei, duitara, ksing/nakra, ramynken, shawiang, tangmuri, etc.


Traditional festivals which were observe till today include Beh Deinkhlam (Tuber), Chad Shukra, Chad Pastieh, Shad Ramynthei/Shad Khla (Iarain), etc. of the Pnar community. Nulding Kut Festival is celebrated by Biate Community at Saipung area annually on January 11. Among the Hmar tribe, festivals such as Butukhuonglawm (Spring festival), Lunglâk (Autumn festival) and Sesun (Solemn celebration) are celebrated.