Revenue & Disaster Management

Department Name: Revenue and Disaster Management Department, East Jaintia Hills District, Khliehriat

Name of Incumbent Department Head:

                                                                            Deputy Commissioner & Chairman DDMA,

                                                                            East Jaintia Hills District, Khliehriat.

Department Address: O/o the Deputy Commissioner,

                                          East Jaintia Hills District, Khliehriat. – 793200.


About the Department

On the 2nd March, 2006, Disaster Management was merged with Revenue Department and was renamed as Revenue and Disaster Management Department vide Notification No. RDF4/2003/55 dated 02-03-2006. Our State is prone to various kinds of natural calamities of recurrent nature. These disasters result in loss of life and property (public and private) and disrupt economy activities besides immense misery and hardship to the affected population. It is  not possible to stop the incidence of natural calamities. However, the damages caused by natural calamities can be minimized by way of comprehensive preparedness plan. Taking into consideration of the above factors, the State Government has constituted District Disaster Management Authorities in which the East Jaintia Hills District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) is also constituted vide Government Notification No.RDG.32/2005/246 Dated Shillong the 1st August, 2013 with the following members:-

Chairperson Ex-Officio – Deputy Commissioner

Co-Chairperson Ex-Officio – Chief Executive Member,

                                                    Jaintia Hills Autonomous District Council.

Member Ex-Officio – 1. Superintendent of Police

                                       2. District Medical and Health Officer

                                       3. Superintendent Engineer/Executive Engineer, PWD (Roads)

                                       4. District Agriculture Officer.

Chief Executive Officer – Additional Deputy Commissioner i/c Revenue & Disaster Management

Under the supervision of the DDMA, Capacity Building programmes/trainings/Mock Drills are being implemented in the District for the Government Officials, Students, Teachers, NGOs, CBOs, Headmen, Volunteers and others for strengthening their capacity to effectively response during disaster in collaborations with different offices in the District, the Block Development Offices, the State Disaster Management Authority (SDMA), the Meghalaya Administrative Training Institute (MATI), the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), Guwahati and others. The District, under the DDMA, also has the District Disaster Management Plan, an inventory of resources available in the District has also been uploaded in the India Disaster Resources Network (IDRN), the District has a temporary Emergency Operation Centre (E.O.C.). IEC materials in the form of posters, Leaflets, stickers and pamphlets are distributed to Educational Institutions, Government offices, local durbars, market places for creating public awareness.


13th Finance Commission Award, State Plan Scheme Grant-in-Aid for capacity building for Disaster Response under District Allocation of the SDRF: The objective of the programme is to build up the capacity of all the Government functionaries and communities to deal with disasters more effectively as better trained personnel can manage the disasters more efficiently. The Government functionaries will be trained in search and rescue, first aid and medical first responder and other skills related to management of disasters so as to usher in culture of preparedness in the District. The strengthening of District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) and strengthening of Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) at the district is also provided in the programme.