Social Welfare Department

Address: Khliehriat East, Opposite PHE Office, East Jaintia Hills District

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dswo-organogramAbout the Department

The District Social Welfare Office was made permanent with effect from September 2013 in East Jaintia Hills District.  The District Social Welfare Office caters for the special needs of marginalized group. It aims at bringing tranquility, social and economic development of women, Persons with Disabilities and Welfare of Aged in the District. The Department has been able to carry the various schemes and programmes for the welfare and development of women, welfare of aged, Persons with Disabilities and Voluntary Organization plays a vital role in the development of the society and most of the scheme are implemented through NGO’s/Voluntary organization and it is also necessary to recognize and provide training and financial assistance to the NGO’s and voluntary organization.  Effort is also being made to mobilize the NGO’s to take up the scheme of the central as well as the state sectors.


Schemes / Services:

Welfare of Aged
The Scheme covers both men and women above 60 years of age for men and 58 for women where Financial Medical Assistance as one time grant is provided to them in order to enable them to undergo treatment.

Implementation of Disability Act, 1995
Under this scheme the grant is given for purchase of Book, Uniforms Conveyance Allowances and on unemployed Allowance to Persons with Disabilities.

Grant in Aid
Grant in Aid to viable voluntary organisation doing services for Women Welfare, Child Welfare and Welfare of Persons with Disabilities and any other Welfare activities such as Anti-Drug and other social evils. The grant is given only to Viable Organisation who has put in 5 years services and engaged in more than two or three Welfare Programme.

Day Care Centre for Senior Citizens run by FMA
Outreach for under privileged Women and Children for Senior Citizens.

National Crèche Scheme
There are two functional Crèches in the District namely Pynroilang Mahila Mandal, Crèche in Tluh Village & Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust Crèche in Tuber Village.


Application Forms:

  1. Token Financial Assistance for Treatment of the Aged –  Download
  2. Fresh Scholarship for the Disabled – Download
  3. Renewal of Scholarship for the Disabled – Download
  4. Fresh Application for Book Grant for the Disabled – Download
  5. Renewal Application for Book Grant for the Disabled – Download
  6. Fresh Application for Unemployment Allowance for the Disabled – Download
  7. Renewal Application for Unemployment Allowance for the Disabled – Download
  8. General Grants in Aid – Download



1. Meghalaya Elder Helpline – 14567
2. Meghalaya Helpline for Women in District – 181