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List of Corona Care Centres, paid Quarantine Centres & Community Isolation Centres in the District 07/06/2021 View (21 KB)
Priority Targets in 18+ Category for COVID-19 Vaccination Drive 18/05/2021 View (138 KB)
Lockdown in the District 17/05/2021 View (1 MB)
COVID-19 Vaccination of Health Care Workers & Front Line Workers 12/05/2021 View (1 MB)
Identification of residents/employees with record of pulmonary disease 12/05/2021 View (1 MB)
Ambulance Preparation (in Khasi) 12/05/2021 View (2 MB)
Appeal to work together against COVID-19 10/05/2021 View (2 MB)
Prohibition of Social Gatherings and Bull Fights 11/05/2021 View (849 KB)
No disembarkment for travellers in transit through East Jaintia Hills District 05/05/2021 View (1,012 KB)
Corona Care Centre/Quarantine Centres 07/04/2021 View (1 MB)