Wildlife Division

Department Name: Wildlife Division, Jowai

Name of the Incumbent Department Head: Smt. H. Lato, MFS

Department Address: Divisional Forest Office, Moomon Mihmyntdu

Landline: 224003


Organization Chart

About the Department

The main functions of the Division is to take up environmental awareness programme eliciting the public, the school children of the importance of conservation of flora and fauna species of the District. In this regard, Wildlife Week celebration was organized during October 2018 covering the schools of the East & West Jaintia Hills District by organizing Essay writing & drawing competitions at various place. And also implementation of Wildlife Protection Act 1972 and also conservation of Sacred grove/Community Forest/Clan Forest, the Division has notified as per Section 36 of Wildlife Protection Act, the following Community Reserves

  1. Ka Khloo Seinraij Kongwasan Chyrmang Community Reserve
  2. Ka Khoo Seinraij Tuber Community Reserve
  3. Ka Khloo pohblai Mooshutia at Mukhaialong village, East Jaintia Hills District
  4. Ka Khloo Thangbru Umsymphu Community Reserve at Mukhaialong, East Jaintia Hills District
  5. Ka Khloo Langdoh Kur Pyrtuh Community Reserve Sohmynting West Jaintia Hills District
  6. Raid Buam Thangbuli Umladkhur Community Reserve, West Jaintia Hills District
  7. Khloo Blai ka Raij Ionglang Community Reserve, West Jaintia Hills District
  8. Ka Lum Luwe Community Reserve Namdong ‘A’ community Reserve for protecting of Wildlife animals and plants.